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For Latvians, mushrooms are not just a delicacy; they are an integral part of our culture and identity. The art of mushroom picking runs deep in our roots, and it’s more than just a search for food—it’s a cherished tradition, a form of recreation, and even a ritual that brings us closer to nature.

We are considered among the world’s best connoisseurs of mushrooms, having mastered the craft of distinguishing the edible mushrooms from the rest. This knowledge is passed down through generations, ensuring that the wisdom of mushroom hunting lives on and always unites us.

Mushroom picking is not just about the harvest; it’s a wonderful way to promote good health. Spending hours in the fresh forest air, actively exploring, and the sheer joy of discovering those hidden treasures trigger a rush of endorphins. The benefits extend beyond just physical well-being, as mushrooming helps boost our immunity and reduces stress.

As the mushroom season is in full swing, every Latvian throughout the rainy days feels the thrill within at the thought of hearing mushrooms growing, wearing rubber boots, grabbing a basket and knife, venturing quietly into the woods in search of the delightful mushrooms. We eagerly rush for a family competition to find out who gets the prettiest and fills their basket first. It’s our natural passion to connect ourselves with the forest at any chance we get, especially during summer weekends.

So, the next time you see a Latvian disappear into the woods with a basket in hand, know that they are embarking on a journey that nourishes their body, mind, and soul. Come, join us in this challenging yet fun experience!