The material that makes Latvians Latvian

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Key facts


First-ever Olympic champions in BMX cycling and 3x3 men's basketball


Latvian folk songs – Dainas – recorded


Latvia was the first Baltic country to launch a 5G mobile network


Latvia has the highest proportion of female inventors in Europe

Blue jeans

Latvian-born tailor Jacob Davis invented rivets, making sewing denim jeans possible

People are the real treasure of Latvia

Latvians are a unique fabrication of shared history in a uniquely strategic land, with well-preserved cultural heritage, a small language, and strong identity bonds, no matter where they are in the world. The Latvian nation is astonishingly talented, producing an astounding amount of globally significant creations and resounding names.

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Latvia in the spotlight

  • Basketball player Kristaps Porziņģis,
  • World famous opera singer Elīna Garanča,
  • Latvian-born painter Mark Rothko and others.

From pioneering inventions in science and technology to producing champions of new Olympic sports, and a wide range of cultural phenomena – Latvia is a remarkable example of how down-to-earth nations deliver great ideas and outstanding achievements.

Conductor Guntis Kuzma in a concert performance
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The Latvian music genome

Latvia is well-known for its excellence in music. Latvians have an inborn love towards the world of sounds, which reflects both in the uniquely broad local amateur choir movement and in globally loved music stars from Latvia.

Did you know?

The Latvian Song and Dance Festival is a nationwide celebration of Latvian choir music and folk dancing, gathering over 40,000 performers.

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Arts & Culture

A nation that loves its arts, there are many opportunities to enjoy art & culture throughout the country. Ranging from a wide variety of museums and performances, to an abundance of amateur choirs, dance troupes, and crafts, there will be something for everyone.

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Grounded in Nature

Regardless of the times, Latvians have always had close and reverent ties to nature. Not only are Latvians historically an agricultural people, its culture, society, and understanding of the world around them is tied to natural phenomena, with the sun and seasons dictating the pace of life.

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Latvia today

After the restoration of the free market, Latvia has successfully undergone the difficult “adolescence” of growing a young country.

Now with a stable economy and the freedom of choice, Latvia has joined the European Union and NATO, has become a hub for innovation, a cultural heavyweight on the musical scene, and a retreat for enjoying the peace of nature.

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Latvia takes great pride in its ancient traditions, and Jāņi – the summer solstice is by far the most loved celebration of this nation. Marking the onset of summer, this magical festivity has preserved ancient traditions such as weaving wreaths, jumping over a bonfire, spending the celebration night awake, and washing one’s face in the morning dew to attract beauty.

More things Latvia is known for

  • The capital city of Latvia, Riga, has the highest concentration of Art Nouveau architecture in the world. A stroll around the city center, admiring the Art Nouveau mecca, will take you time-traveling to the days of the city’s unprecedented prosperity in the early 20th century.

  • Since ancient times, when the first Baltic tribes arrived on the territory of Latvia, nature has been an integral part of Latvian identity. Today, the country is one of the very few lands worldwide where natural ecosystems take up half of the country’s territory. And even inhabitants of Latvia’s capital city, Riga, can reach the beach and the forest within a 20-minute drive.

  • Name all the ways you could imagine cooking potatoes, and Latvians will name ten more. Being called the “second bread” of the nation, potatoes have maintained vegetable consumption supremacy in Latvia for years and have a very special place on the Latvian menu. Not a potato lover? Visit Latvia, and you’ll be proven wrong.