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Future-proof investment opportunities

Invest in Latvia and Latvia will invest in your success

A highly skilled workforce, well-developed infrastructure, macroeconomic stability, and cost-effectiveness – these are just a few of the reasons for investing and doing business in Latvia.

From established, billion-dollar export industries to bold innovations aimed to solve humanity’s greatest challenges, Latvia provides future-proof investment opportunities for investors in a wide variety of profiles and industries.


new investment projects launched in 2022


innovative country in the Baltics (Bloomberg)


GDP growth in 2022 – one of the highest in Europe


billion EUR direct investments in Latvia in 2021


in the world in ease of doing business (World Bank)


most competitive tax system in the world (OECD)

Support incentives for investors

  • An initiative to fast-track investments in priority sectors – ICT, bioeconomy, smart materials & photonics, biomedicine, GBS, smart energy, construction, and transport & logistics. It shortens the time for administrative procedures for territorial planning, residence permits, and foreign workforce attraction.

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  • There are five Special Economic Zones (SEZ) in Latvia, established to promote entrepreneurial activities within these regions. The benefits for companies operating in SEZ include an 80% rebate on real estate and corporate income tax, as well as reduced withholding tax for dividends, management fees, and payments for the usage of intellectual property.

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  • By law, if a company doesn’t pay dividends, but decides to reinvest the earned profit into the business, they aren’t required to pay taxes on that amount. This is to motivate entrepreneurs to invest in the further development of their company.

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  • The Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) offers guidance and support during the investment process. Reach out and you’ll be connected to your personal advisor who will help with all your questions, from preparation to implementation. All LIAA services are free of charge.

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  • Both local and foreign capital companies have access to EU-funded support programs. For investors, this means the opportunity to attract additional capital purposes such as R&D, employee hiring and training, business development, and more.

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  • Investors can receive a Latvian residence permit for up to 5 years by investing in companies, real estate, government bonds, or subordinated capital of credit institutions.

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Top countries investing in Latvia

  1. Sweden
  2. Lithuania
  3. Estonia
  4. Germany
  5. Cyprus
  6. Netherlands


Latvia is creating a favorable environment for businesses developing high-value innovations – from 5G-enabled technologies to cures for cancer.

  • Key sectors: ICT, smart energy, smart materials & photonics, biomedicine, and knowledge-intensive bio-economy
  • 80% of total direct investments in 2022 were made in smart sectors
  • High potential for green energy investments, particularly in wind and solar.

Smart sectors

Bloomberg named Latvia the most innovative country in the Baltics and Index Ventures – the most startup-friendly country in the world. We have the perfect environment for tech unicorns!

  • 700+ startups
  • 1 unicorn
  • Special strengths in DeepTech, cyber security, IoT, B2B software, FinTech, e-commerce
  • 61M EUR invested in startups in 2022
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Research in Latvia

Historically, Latvia has strong scientific R&D traditions that we continue to develop and nurture to this day. Invest in collaboration with our scientists and make the next billion-dollar discovery.

Key expertise:

  • Biomedicine, smart materials & photonics, ICT, and agriculture & life sciences
  • 62 globally recognized research institutions across the country
  • World-renowned innovations in cancer treatment, fiber optic products, and quantum computing

Endless investment opportunities

  • Convenient logistics across Europe and Central Asia, plus our reliable workforce are the main reasons why global companies choose to open their manufacturing facilities in Latvia.

    • Bullet-proof investment opportunity
    • Key industries: metalwork, woodwork, mechanical engineering, electronics, food, textile
    • Food and beverage production – one of the largest industrial sectors
    • 21% of people in manufacturing work in metalworking, machinery, and electronics
  • Riga is Europe’s emerging GBS location, and other cities are not far behind. Latvia provides an excellent environment for GBS businesses thanks to our developed IT infrastructure and skilled workforce.

    • Low market saturation of 1.6%
    • Main sectors: IT, customer service, finance & accounting
    • Association of Business Service Leaders (ABSL) established to represent GBS interests in Latvia
    • Companies that have already chosen Latvia – Accenture (Ireland), SEB (Sweden), Circle-K (Canada)
  • Latvia’s focusing heavily on upgrading and modernizing its transportation, energy, and communication infrastructure.

    • Main investment projects: RailBaltica, ELWIND, Riga Airport, 5G network, ports
    • Largest airport in the Baltic region
    • 4th in the EU in port freight per capita
    • 3rd in the EU in renewable energy consumption
    • 3rd among OECD in mobile data usage
  • Latvia’s real estate market offers investment opportunities, particularly in the commercial sector. Riga has a booming property market with a high demand for commercial and residential properties.

    • Riga was named the Most Dynamically Developing City in the CEE region in 2021
    • 312M EUR – investments in real estate transactions in 2022
    • Key investment areas: commercial spaces, offices, and industrial premises