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Team up with Latvian scientists to solve world’s biggest challenges

We were once one of the key scientific centers of a large country. After gaining our independence, we became a country with a high concentration of scientific talent. Based on this strong know-how, we have for decades continued to build our expertise in science and research.


increase in R&D budget per person since 2011


most innovative country in the Baltics by Bloomberg


of scientists and engineers are female

A hard-working nation with great ambition, Latvian researchers collaborate with the international business and scientific community to achieve groundbreaking outcomes. Latvia has extensive scientific talent, but our strongest competencies lie in four key areas:

  • Biomedicine & pharmaceuticals
  • Smart materials & photonics
  • Information and communication technologies
  • Agriculture & life sciences

The majority of research in Latvia takes place in higher education institutions and research institutes. There are currently 62 research institutions registered in Latvia, 22 of which are public research institutions funded by the government.

© Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis

Biomedicine & pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries in Latvia have a long history, rich legacy, and extensive know-how. Our talent pool consists of professionals who are passionate about their work and science – many of them are graduates of the world’s best universities.

© Institute of Solid State Physics

Smart materials & photonics

When it comes to smart materials and photonics, Latvia has become a globally recognized R&D hub. Our competitive advantage is rooted in efficient collaboration between academia, science, and industry.


Information & communications technology

For decades, Latvia’s held a reputation for being an R&D hub for information and communication technologies. In the 1930s, we invented world’s smallest photo camera. In 2023, we’re one of Europe’s pioneers in developing 5G-enabled technologies.

© Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry

Agriculture & life sciences

Agriculture and food are some of the largest export industries of Latvia. Hence, our in-depth interest and focus on R&D in this sector. Our current target areas in terms of research are sustainability and production efficiency.

The Secrets of Spirulina

Spring is a time for renewal and revitalization, a sort of renaissance for our bodies. Therefore, this story will also be as fresh and vibrant as spring green, just like the rich green color of spirulina.
The use of healthy algae Spirulina has been known to us all for some time, but we want to talk about the unique cultivation process of this valuable tropical microalgae in Latvia and the products created by “Spirulina Nord” – a Latvian biotechnology startup, and the company’s successful development.