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Agriculture and food are some of the largest export industries of Latvia. Hence, our in-depth interest and focus on R&D in this sector. Our current target areas in terms of research are sustainability and production efficiency.

Top research institutions & partners

  • One of the leading universities in the field of science and technology in the Baltic Sea region, specializing in the sustainable use of natural resources for the improvement of the society’s quality of life.

    Research areas:

    • Agricultural sciences
    • Food technology
    • Sustainable energy
  • A research center of national importance that develops innovative research methods and creates new practical knowledge in the fields of public and environmental health, food, fisheries, and veterinary sciences.

    Research areas:

    • Chemistry science
    • Environmental science
    • Fisheries
    • Veterinary medical sciences
  • An bio-economy research institute with special expertise in field plant breeding with more than 100 years of history.

    Research areas:

    • Field crop genetics
    • Efficiency of production processes
    • Sustainable crop cultivation technologies
  • An international research and innovation organization. Combining the latest technologies with traditional knowledge, the institute tackles the challenges faced by farmers, foresters, policy-makers, decision-makers, and conservation organizations.

    Research areas:

    • Smart farming and agricultural technology
    • Climate technologies
    • Environmental management & nature conservation
    • Remote sensing
    • Forest management

Did you know?

The Latvian inventor Aleksandrs Liepa engineered and patented the distinctive Pringles flavor that we know today. He was working under Proctor & Gamble, who at the time was in the process of creating the “perfect chip”. The smiling man with the mustache on the Pringles can is the prototype for Alexander himself.

Latvian innovations in the field of agriculture & life sciences

From your face cream to dinner plate

Industrial Mozzarella machines

The reason you can buy Mozzarella cheese at your local grocery store is because of the Latvian inventor Visvaldis Dzenis – an agronomist, inventor, and manufacturer of cheese binding and packaging equipment. In 1963, he invented and patented a new method and device for making Mozzarella.

Plant-based insect repellent

The Institute for Environmental Solutions has developed a prototype for a sustainable, plant-based insect repellent that's made of essential oils. The new insect repellent is compatible with organic farming regulations.

Sustainable botanical ingredient production

The Latvian biotech startup Alternative Plants establishes plant stem cell cultures for effective, consistent, and sustainable production of cosmetic active ingredients. Their focus is on difficult-to-grow, rare, and endangered medicinal plants. The team consists of plant biotechnologists, cell biologists, and bioengineers.