Supporting innovations in the priority areas

To build a more supportive environment for businesses in the defined priority areas, Latvia combines the triple helix (industry-research-state) innovation model with a bottom-up approach.

Smart sectors we focus on

Biomedicine, Medical Technologies, Pharmacy

Latvia's success in the biomedicine sector is the result of effectively combining its strong R&D capabilities with an established manufacturing infrastructure.

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Knowledge-intensive Bioeconomy

Main subsectors include woodwork, sustainable fisheries, and sustainable agriculture

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Smart Energy and Mobility

Latvian smart energy covers the use of hydrogen, wind, solar, water (HPP), ammonia and production, transportation, transformation and usage of other bioenergy sources in life.

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Photonics and Smart Materials, Technologies, and Engineering Systems

Smart materials, technologies, and engineering system main subsectors include functional materials for photonics and electronics, thin layers and coatings, energy harvesting and storage, and smart materials equipment, devices & systems

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Information and communications technologies (ICT)

Main subsectors include telecommunication technologies, software and cloud solutions, artificial intelligence (AI), IT support, automation & robotics

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