Take your business to a new level in Latvia

As a modern European business hub with a highly skilled workforce, well-developed infrastructure, and a strategic location in the heart of Europe, Latvia has earned a reputation as one of the best places to host and launch global businesses.

Latvia’s hunger for talent means lucrative opportunities

Over the last decades, Latvia has been on a steady economic growth path, powered forward by its increasingly modern and attractive business environment, as well as an emerging startup ecosystem that’s punching way above its weight. Of course, rapid growth necessitates talent to sustain it.


of employers struggle with finding low-skilled workers


of employers struggle with finding highly-skilled workers


Latvia unemployment rate in 2022

The country’s strong ICT sector, employing around 40,000 people, has been on a non-stop hiring spree for years now and continues to be among the most attractive avenues for building a career in Latvia.

In 2022, the top three most in-demand professions were:

  • Software developers
  • Marketing specialists, accountants, and financial experts
  • Construction workers

High demand for workers across every industry has pushed the nationwide average salary up to 1,384 EUR gross, with the average salary across various positions in Latvian startups hitting 2,775 EUR gross in 2020. In their quest for talent, Latvian companies have also expanded their benefits and, today, remote work opportunities, mental health initiatives, and health insurance have become the status quo.

Work-life balance in Latvia

In Latvia, the pursuit of work-life balance is built into the fabric of the workplace culture – workers in Latvia have ample opportunity to disconnect from their work when personal matters call.


national holidays

4 weeks

minimum of vacation a year

18 months

of parental leave

6 months

paid sick leave

Latvians know that rest and productivity go hand-in-hand. Beyond state-mandated generous leave policies, companies in Latvia are putting more and more emphasis on the mental well-being of their employees. In recent years, 4-day workweeks have been trialed by a broad range of companies. Plus, workations are gaining momentum, as employees and employers recognize the value of team getaways and the resulting benefits of increased productivity, reduced stress levels, and greater employee satisfaction.

An oasis for digital nomads and remote work

Between incredible connectivity, gorgeous and unspoiled nature, and low cost of living, Latvia is a cozy European paradise for digital nomads and remote workers.


of the country is covered by a stable 4G connection


in the world for internet speed


free WiFi hotspots in Riga, and thousands more all across Latvia

Saulkrasti beach

For knowledge workers in Latvia, this means the opportunity to work from your favorite coffee shop in the city or go lakeside camping without worrying about missing your afternoon video call. The country’s picturesque landscapes and natural beauty provide an ideal backdrop for creative and productive work.

In addition, the Latvian government has been actively supporting the development of the country’s remote work infrastructure, with initiatives aimed at attracting digital nomads and remote workers to the country. This includes the introduction of a special visa for remote workers, which allows for a stay of up to one year.

Work permits & visas

EU, EEA, and Swiss citizens won’t need a visa to work and live in Latvia. Simply register with the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (OCMA) and declare your residence – you can start working without any additional conditions.

If you’re not a citizen of one of these countries, then you must apply for a permit or visa.

To explore your options, we suggest starting here.

Thriving & hiring: Latvia’s top employers to keep an eye out for

Every year, cv.lv compiles a ranking of top employers in Latvia featuring both local and international companies. Growing at a rapid pace, these companies often have a diverse range of available vacancies that are absolutely worth checking out – here are the top-rated companies across five industries:

You can explore the full list of top employers here.

Aspiring entrepreneurs, on the other hand, tend to make use of Latvia’s attractive startup scene that boasts numerous business incubators, accelerators, events, innovation vouchers, and science commercialization. In 2021, more than 150 startups were launched by foreign founders to the delight of regional investors. VC funds such as Change Ventures, Bad.Ideas Fund, and Startup Wise guys, among others, have Latvia under a magnifying glass, actively scouting for the next – and inevitable – Baltic success story.

Regardless of whether you’re a storied businessman or a starry-eyed founder, local talent is the secret sauce that will help you realize your ambitions. Highly educated, multilingual, and ambitious, Latvians love a challenge. Latvian workers possess a strong work ethic and value competence, discipline, and punctuality. If something needs to be done – it will be, and on time!


most multilingual population Europe


of 25-34 year olds have a higher education, above the OECD average of 37%


Latvian students were studying abroad in 2022, mainly in the UK, Germany, and the Netherlands

Nestled by the Baltic Sea in Northern Europe, Latvia also confers certain geographical advantages. With the largest airport in the Baltics, Latvia offers fantastic connectivity with direct flights to all major European business hubs. Plus, a direct train route will connect the country to Europe’s heartland after the Rail Baltica project is completed in 2026.

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