Brīvības piemineklis, the Freedom monument

The basics, short and sweet

Latvia is a country located in the north-eastern corner of Europe. It is the center of the three Baltic states, flanked by Estonia and Lithuania. It sits across the sea from Sweden, south of Finland, and just north-east from Germany.

The basics at a glance



1,9 million


64,573 km2

Total area





Parliamentary republic


EET; UTC+02:00

Time zone

C/F sockets, 220V


EUR 43.91 billion (2023)


Latvia is a relatively flat country, with valleys and lakes that were formed by passing glaciers in the ice ages. It is not home to valuable resources such as diamonds or oil, but the coasts produce plenty of amber, a semi-precious stone made of fossilized tree resin, and forests, which cover 54% of the territory.

Latvia is made up of four provinces – Kurzeme, Zemgale, Latgale, Vidzeme.

Geography in a nutshell

  • Latvia experiences the four seasons at their fullest. The warmest month is July with an average maximum temperature of +21.5°C, while the coldest months are January and February with average minimums of -7.5°C and -7.9°C.

    Latvia practically doesn’t experience natural disasters. The worst you’ll get is some snow, which locals will be thrilled about as they pull out their cross-country skis.

  • With a total area of 64,573 km2, the country is not large, though it is by no means small either – its area exceeds that of Slovakia, the US state of West Virginia, and similar in size to all of the Benelux countries combined.

  • With ~500 km of white sandy beaches, a quarter of the country borders the Baltic sea, meaning not only that the country historically was a meaningful trade route, but also that the economy and culture today is still tightly intertwined.

Business in Latvia

Latvia is focused on driving innovations, and adapting the business landscape to set the scene. This is reflected in the various facts that demonstrate the beneficial business environment. Some of the country’s major focuses include startups, R&D, and smart sectors that include biomedicine, ICT, smart materials, smart energy, and more.


startup-friendly country in the world


in World Bank's Ease of Doing Business index (2021)


in OECD's International Tax Competitiveness Ranking


inhabitants speak at least 2 languages


increase in export in 2022


best-connected airport in the Baltics

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Arts & Culture

A nation that loves its arts, there are many opportunities to enjoy art & culture throughout the country. Ranging from a wide variety of museums and performances, to an abundance of amateur choirs, dance troupes, and crafts, there will be something for everyone.


in the EU in the percentage of government spending on culture


of Latvians attend cultural events


people on average attend the yearly iconic music festival Positivus


people attended the traditional Song and Dance Festival in 2018


of Latvia's population sing in choirs


artworks held at The Latvian National Museum of Art

A place to belong

Life in Latvia can be characterized by its balance between work and leisure, with abundant opportunities for business and growth, while placing an equal emphasis on restorative relaxation – the ultimate work/life scenario.


of inhabitants speak at least two languages


countries represented by foreign students

4 seasons

sizzling summers and white winters

Sincere & loyal

a friend is a friend for life


national holidays

18 months

of parental leave