As winter arrives and the flu season hits, it’s a good time to consider boosting your immunity. Latvian natural remedies passed down through generations, have a traditional background and are known for their effectiveness in boosting your body’s resilience during the winter months.

Try these natural remedies:

  • Herbal teas – in Latvian households, herbal teas are cherished as the first line of defense against the common cold. Each family has its blend of dried herbs, carefully chosen for their healing properties. Whether it’s chamomile, mint, or thyme, these teas work wonders in alleviating the symptoms of a cold.
  • Honey –whether added to your herbal tea or enjoyed straight from the spoon, honey is a delicious way to strengthen your body. Packed with antioxidants and antimicrobial properties, Latvian honey acts as a powerful ally in the fight against winter ailments.
  • Cranberries – found in Latvian swamps until October, cranberries are a winter treasure loaded with vitamin C. Known for their ability to soothe a sore throat and boost weakened immunity, these berries are a must-have during flu season. Incorporate them into your diet through juices, jams, dried fruits or simply enjoy them fresh.
  • Black radish – when it comes to tackling coughs, bronchitis, and pneumonia, Latvians turn to black radish. Combined with honey, black radish becomes a potent elixir, known for its effectiveness in respiratory health.
  • Garlic – its health benefits are very strong. Garlic is essential for improving metabolism, resisting viruses, and clearing the respiratory tract.

Enhance your well-being with this time-tested wisdom of Latvian natural remedies, strengthening your body for the winter ahead.