Since the early nineties, Latvia has experienced a remarkable transformation, driven in part by innovation and advancements in domestically developed technologies. Now, it is poised to contribute to the global community.

The country’s most innovative companies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are actively engaged in furthering the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. They apply their expertise and best practices in various projects across the European Eastern Partnership countries, Central Asia, and Africa.

Notably, Latvia is excellent in promoting gender equality in the field of science and providing digital public services, with a substantial percentage of its population utilizing eGovernment services. Currently, Latvia demonstrates a strong commitment to supporting Ukraine’s reconstruction efforts by offering significant aid, housing, and educational opportunities both in Ukraine and for Ukrainian refugees within Latvia.

Here are some examples of Latvia’s contributions:

Latvia has improved its international ranking in sustainability

Latvia has climbed to 13th globally out of 166 countries in sustainability, achieving a score of 80.99 on the Sustainable Development Index.
Latvia’s scores can be found in Sustainable Development Report 2024.


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