Latvijas Nacionālā kultūras centra arhīvs; Aivars Liepiņš

Love Latvia? Join Mission Latvia Ambassador Community!

You’re invited to join the Mission Latvia Ambassador Community to spread awareness of Latvia abroad. If you are Latvian or simply appreciate the culture and the people, this invitation is for you!

Each Latvian, no matter where they are in the world, is an important representative of their country, even if unintentionally. By taking part in their local culture and society, they serve as ambassadors of their homeland and have the opportunity to spread knowledge of their culture and values, and even build economic and diplomatic ties.

We appreciate each Latvian patriot, all friends of Latvia, no matter where they are. We’d like to formalize our relationship and give them the tools to make their mark.

About community

  • This community functions as a platform that provides practical and informative assistance to everyone representing Latvia abroad for personal and professional purposes.
  • It is essential to highlight that becoming a Mission Latvia ambassador does not entail any specific obligations or formal requirements on your part. Therefore, we encourage you to utilize the provided resources and information in a way that best fits your needs.

What does it mean in practice?

  • Every Friday, you will receive in your email a weekly newsletter “Good News from Latvia” in English, which contains valuable information related to different areas of interest.
  • Once a month, the Mission Latvia team will send an email that includes updates on:

o   News from the website and the Toolbox section;

o   Country-wide events occurring outside of Latvia;

o   Diverse activities and events organized by the Mission Latvia ambassador community and more.

  • Continuous support is provided to inspire and equip you to represent Latvia, facilitating new collaborations with entrepreneurs, scientists, and other Latvian representatives, all while promoting Latvia’s global recognition.

Who can become an ambassador?

Anyone with Latvia close to their heart is invited to become a Mission Latvia ambassador.

Please, fill in the application form.

Foto: Jānis Romanovskis
Foto: Jānis Romanovskis

Latvia - a country on a mission

We are mission-oriented people – people of action. We are restless innovators, never content with the status quo. But, above all else, we have a strong sense of what is fair. When facing seemingly impossible obstacles, we can band together in determination, lift up the underdog, and stand up for what is right.

Mission Sea2030

Learn more about Latvia’s first mission – Mission Sea 2030, that addresses the issues of climate change, pollution, and the circular economy, by fostering water innovations.

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