©BeTRITON SIA ©Ilmārs Znotiņš

In Latvia, an innovative and unique product has emerged, combining three essential elements for travelers into a single groundbreaking solution. This visionary creation, known as BeTRITON, is the creation of designer and entrepreneur Aigars Lauzis. It addresses the challenges posed by urban environments, stress, rising costs, and overcrowding by offering a novel way of life that blends transportation, accommodation, and eco-friendliness.

In 2018, BeTRITON SIA was founded, with support from various sources such as grants from the Latvian Investment and Support Agency (LIAA), participation in the Valmiera business incubator, municipal backing from Smiltene region, and support from a Norwegian grant program. Despite the challenging conditions brought about by the pandemic, the first BeTRITON prototype was developed in 2020. Media outlets such as Reuters, Deutsche Welle, and Der Spiegel quickly recognized it as a revolutionary solution for practicing social distancing.

BeTRITON has attracted approximately 300,000 Euros from investors in the Baltic region, America, Singapore, and Japan. The company is now seeking “angel” investors and plans to explore equity crowdfunding, inviting individuals to join their mission of creating sustainable and environmentally friendly products. BeTRITON’s primary market focus is Western Europe and North America, with strong interest coming from Switzerland, Holland, and Germany, along with 170 pre-orders from around the world.

BeTRITON stands out as a one-of-a-kind product with no equivalent anywhere globally. It combines the functionality of an electric bicycle with a democratic-sized electric boat that can also function as secure accommodation. Furthermore, it can be set up on the shore for ground-level sleeping, making it incredibly versatile. The vehicle, designed for two people, boasts a powerful electric motor with two 2.8-kilowatt-hour (kWh) batteries and a user-friendly design. Its batteries can be charged at a standard electrical outlet in approximately eight hours, offering a 150-kilometer range when cycling and 25 kilometers on water.

In the future, BeTRITON envisions the establishment of a green and eco-friendly factory that also serves as a demonstration center and exhibition hall for investors and interested parties. BeTRITON’s mission is to provide sustainable and environmentally friendly travel options, offering a new, green way to explore the world while promoting responsible and eco-conscious tourism.