In the heart of Latvia, apples hold a cherished place in culinary heritage, symbolizing cultural richness. Latvians have passed down generations of traditional recipes, from mouthwatering apple pies to hearty apple-filled dumplings, showcasing the fruit’s versatility.

Meanwhile, Latvia is increasingly gaining recognition in the global cider industry, where a rich apple cultivation heritage and a diverse range of apple varieties create an ideal environment for cider-making. Apples are deeply ingrained in Latvian culture, incorporated into timeless recipes, making them an integral part of our identity. Crafting apple cider here is not only natural but also eco-friendly.

Distinct from the challenges of traditional winemaking in our climate, crafting apple cider here emerges as a harmonious blend of nature and sustainability. Latvian cider producers such as Abava Winery, Sabile Cider brewery, and Cider brewery Abuls form a passionate community, handpicking the finest apples in autumn to create natural cider. Their dedication to sustainability, from locally sourced raw materials to minimal energy consumption during fermentation, makes Latvian cider the greenest choice for environmentally conscious consumers.

Our unique climate, shaped by the Baltic Sea’s proximity along with light summer nights and temperature fluctuations, creates an ideal haven for cultivating a wide array of fruits, including apples, pears, cherries, plums, and blackcurrants. The resulting Latvian ciders reflect a harmonious flavor, from clear and sweet to delightfully sour and dry. Each sip carries the distinctive aroma of apples, underpinned by a refreshing, light structure.

Now is your turn to visit Latvia, where the ancient traditions meet innovation, visit the orchards to savor the craftsmanship and to witness how Latvians have effectively put their apple harvests to good use. Perhaps, you might even find inspiration for new apple-based recipes!