This is a story about Latvian talents, technologies, and dreams that contribute to world progress!

Did you know that Latvian Augusts Krastiņš roughly at the same time with Henry Ford built his car in Cleveland, becoming one of the world’s automotive pioneers? And did you know that for more than 20 years, the Latvian Anatols Lapiņš was a key figure in Porsche’s unique design, his handwriting was the basis of several Porsche models?

Dreams are fulfilled by those who act!

Everything continues, and technologies, software, and solutions created in Latvia are now known worldwide, whether it’s about a car park or the fastest internet in the world. Let’s appreciate Latvian rally crews like Mārtiņš Sesks’ Team and leading innovation companies such as Mikrotik and Mapon, showcasing speed, achievements, and determination!

A dream that initially seemed distant and impossible will come true this summer in Latvia! This year Latvia will host, for the first time, one of the world’s highest-level rally competitions – the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) stage, which will take place in Kurzeme and the capital, Riga. The WRC Latvian stage Tet Rally Latvia is proof that dreams – no matter how far and unattainable they seem – can be achieved with persistent determination, hard work, endurance, and support from those people and partners who believe in it. The WRC Rally 2024 calendar includes a total of 13 stages, comprising eight gravel rally stages, four asphalt stages, and one traditional snow stage in Sweden. At the beginning of this year, the first stage, with the opening of the WRC rally, took place on the asphalt of Monte Carlo, followed by the snowy rally stage in Sweden, the Safari Rally in Kenya, and in the middle of the summer between the Polish and Finnish rally stages, the gravel rally stage will be in Latvia.

The organizer of the rally in Latvia, RA Events, has prepared an almost 11-kilometer long speed stage, which will be unveiled at the opening ceremony of the rally on July 18 in Riga, the capital of Latvia, at the Biķernieku track. Additionally, a fan zone will be set up in Riga’s old city in Dom Square, allowing rally fans to fully immerse themselves in the rally atmosphere throughout the week. On Friday, July 19, speed stages will be held in the Tukums region, Talsi region, and Talsi. On Saturday, July 20, speed stages will take place in the Kuldīga region, South Kurzeme region, and the rally city of Liepāja. Finally, on Sunday, the final day of the rally, speed stages will be held in the South Kurzeme region, followed by an award ceremony in the rally city of Liepāja.

Keep fingers crossed!