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Latvia Celebrates 75 Years of Porsche: In honor of Anatols Lapiņš

Over the period of 75 years in the remarkable journey of the Porsche car brand, an extraordinary story unfolds, filled with recognition, tradition, and a rich history. This fascinating milestone owes much of its success to the legendary German sports car manufacturer Porsche and reputable Anatols Lapiņš (Anatole Lapine), a visionary from Latvia.

Anatols Lapiņš lead the Porsche’s design department for two decades, known for his bold, forward-thinking approach. He gained recognition for his willingness to explore unconventional routes and creating trends rather than following them. Lapiņš’s time at Porsche aligned with the “transaxle era,” a significant period in the brand’s history when it transitioned from placing the engine at the rear to the front.

Lapiņš, often recognized as the Latvian who made pigs fly, left an unforgettable mark with the iconic Porsche 917/20. In a historic move, Porsche engineers collaborated with the French company SERA to blend the best of the 917 model’s short and long tail versions, while Lapiņš crafted a bold and unique design. Choosing a unique pink exterior decorated with butcher-style cuts, the car earned nicknames such as “Pink Pig,” “Big Bertha,” and even “Truffle Hunter.” This masterpiece became a sensation at Grand Prix of Endurance Le Mans in 1971, racing forward at an astounding 360 kilometers per hour.

For the very first time, the “Pink Pig” returns to the homeland of its visionary creator, bringing joy to those passionate about Porsche and history enthusiasts alike. The Riga Motor Museum hosts this exceptional exhibition from September 22 to mid-October, offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness this automotive marvel and mark the remarkable 75-year heritage of Porsche.