In a world of constant technological and commercial evolution, there stands a remarkable company known as Printful. Positioned within the expansive Draugiem Group, this powerful force demonstrates its status as a leader in the print-on-demand industry with a dazzling turnover. Printful has become Latvia’s first unicorn after a $130 million investment, skyrocketing into a valuation of more than an astonishing $1 billion, representing their relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence.

But Printful’s greatness didn’t stop there. Printful has acquired the US-based company Snow Commerce, renowned for its expertise in designing and managing e-commerce stores. This collaboration leverages the potential of enterprise-class services and technology, complemented by high-quality production and international fulfillment capabilities. With over a decade of e-commerce expertise, they have skillfully extended their reach to include renowned names such as Warner Bros., Minecraft, Xbox, MTV, NBA, Fox News, and countless others. These titans of industry have recognized the mastery of Printful.

Since its launching in 2013, Printful has earned trust by delivering more than 40 million items. Printful recognizes overproduction as a global sustainability issue and emphasizes on-demand manufacturing to minimize waste, showcasing their commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Printful‘s story is not just a Latvian success of e-commerce business, it is also a representation of boundless creativity, innovation, and determination. Printful is a company with long-lasting relationships with communities and world-famous brands that turns ideas into brands, products, and a shared vision of a brighter tomorrow.

Do you have any insights on the upcoming Latvian unicorn? Let’s eagerly await the potential unicorn on the horizon to contribute to the Latvia’s entrepreneurial success.