Toms Piliksers, Co-founder – TapBox

Tapbox is an international self-service solutions provider that designs, manufactures, and integrates hardware and software for self-service kiosks.

The company offers modern and easy-to-use self-service kiosks, as well as software solutions that provide centralized control and monitoring for an unlimited number of terminals simultaneously. In Latvia their clients include, for example, the Riga East University Hospital and the “Cinamon” cinema chain. The company’s base system is easily integrated with information systems, making it readily available and usable for any company that wants to implement self-service solutions.

Tapbox self-service solutions allow companies to automate and digitize customer service. Self-service kiosks allow customers themselves to perform all the necessary actions to receive a service. This significantly speeds up customer flow, increases sales, and improves the customer experience. For the company, it improves human resource management, reduces costs, and operational risks. Kiosks can be equipped with a wide variety of functionalities depending on the needs: payment, document completion and signing, scanning, printing, face recognition, and others. Key benefits:

  • Reduced human resource costs
  • Reduced employee factor risks (vacation days, sick days, emotional attitude, etc.)
  • Prevention of employee errors
  • Improved customer service speed
  • Improved customer service experience
  • Process efficiency, automation and digitalizationIncreased sales and profits

Self-Service Solutions Now Available in Africa

Previously focused on the Baltics and Finland, TapBox is now making its mark in Africa with the installation of self-service terminals for clients in Senegal and Mali. Partnering with a company that assists financial sector businesses in Africa to implement self-service solutions, TapBox has quickly developed a suitable solution for these new markets. Despite geographical and market differences, a ready-made solution will be available to end customers soon.

With the recent investment from Merito Partners, TapBox plans to solidify its position in Latvia and in export development. The additional capital will fuel expansion into new countries across Europe and beyond. TapBox caters primarily to healthcare institutions, financial service companies, and the public sector, but their solutions are applicable across various industries. The investment from Merito Partners will provide TapBox with the necessary financial resources and business expertise to accelerate growth in a wider market. The company is now fully focused on entering new markets and further developing its product offerings.