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At Riga TechGirls, Diversity and Inclusion are at the core of their mission – championing a future where technology knows no boundaries. They are an inclusive community empowering through tech, breaking stereotypes, and paving the way for a better future. Committed to making a difference, they provide accessible and inclusive education programs, workshops, and mentoring to develop digital skills in Latvia, with a particular focus on increasing women’s representation in the tech workforce.

Riga TechGirls envisions a future where gender diversity thrives in Latvia’s tech industry, breaking barriers and fostering equal opportunities. Their vision is to empower women to lead, innovate, and shape a more inclusive and transformative tech landscape.

Riga TechGirls is happy to partner up with like-minded organizations worldwide to jointly promote a gender-inclusive digital future.

Special targeted international collaboration projects have been developed with Lithuania in 2020-2021, Uzbekistan in 2022-2023, Cameroon and South Africa in 2023-2024, and Estonia in 2024-2025. The themes of these programs were:

  • Discover Tech and Mentorship program together with Lithuanian partners Women Go Tech
  • Female Founders Across Borders women entrepreneurship digitalization program together with Tech4Impact in Uzbekistan
  • STEM School for Girls implemented in Cameroon and South Africa
  • WOTECH professional education program for women in Latvia and Estonia together with Smartwork Academy

In 2023, Riga TechGirls also launched the first multinational online education program “Digital ABCs” – a digital skills program for NGOs. This program attracted participants from 86 countries worldwide.

Activities of Riga TechGirls fall within broader efforts of the Latvian Government to advance gender equality and women’s empowerment, including through Sustainable Development Goals.

Latvia is convinced that the improvement of digital skills of women and girls, and their access to STEM education will make a crucial contribution to economic development. The country is willing to share its experience and best practices to find synergies in advancing these goals at the national and international level.

Since founding, Riga TechGirls have:

  • Organised over 200 workshops and gatherings.
  • 20,000 people have taken part in their online educational programs.
  • 40 000+ people have attended Riga TechGirl events.
  • Basic training geared toward professions in the field of high technology and opportuni ty- building which involved 20,000 individuals over the past 4 years.
  • Professional three month training courses in several coding languages, IT support, and DevOps have been provided to more than 2,000 women.
  • Steady support for female startups through various programs bringing together young professionals with mentors and tutors as well as the chance for networking.
  • Online digital skills training has been given to 2,000 teachers, 2,000 creatives and 1700 healthcare professionals.

Riga TechGirls partners:

Google.org, Accenture Baltics, Swisscom,
GoCardless, Scandic Fusion, Tet.lv, SEB,
Prezi, Infogram, Riga City, MFA, etc.