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The non-profit public benefit non-governmental organization “Sabiedrības līdzdalības Fonds”, more widely known as the platform ManaBalss.lv, was founded in 2011 and has evolved into an organization that creates and develops digital democracy tools, promoting citizen participation in political decision-making.

Under the umbrella of the ManaBalss organization are the initiative platform ManaBalss.lv, as well as the digital democracy platforms Lemejs.lv, Open2Vote.eu, and OpenSaeima.lv. According to available information, ManaBalss.lv is the most successful digital democracy citizen initiative platform in the world, and the organization is very interested in sharing its experience with other countries. Currently, it is actively cooperating with Ukraine and North Macedonia, and strengthening cooperation with its partners in other countries.

Mission and Vision

The organization’s mission is to create and strengthen the digital democracy ecosystem in Latvia and around the world. Behind this mission lie essential vision elements such as human security and sustainability, inclusive governance, and a participatory society. This is how the organization envisions the future of Latvia and the future of the world. These are not “just words” – the organization’s daily work and each of its implemented projects are purposefully aligned with these long-term goals and its mission.

Goals and Challenges

One of the organization’s long-term goals is to increase public participation in decision-making processes. Its goals also include mobilizing the most diverse societal resources for effective governance and transferring Latvia’s digital participation internationally. The organization’s biggest challenge is engaging politically and socially passive citizens in civic activities. When developing new digital tools and improving existing ones, the organization always considers whether every Latvian resident will be interested in using them and how people can be encouraged to use them more actively.

Please, do not hesitate to contact – birojs@manabalss.lv