ESI.LV (Economic Cooperation and Investment for Latvia) is an organization dedicated to fostering sustainable economic development in Latvia by leveraging the expertise and resources of the Latvian diaspora. It connects Latvian entrepreneurs, investors, professionals, and scientists worldwide, promoting collaboration and knowledge transfer, and supporting both regional and national growth.


Committed to driving economic growth, ESI.LV is on a mission to build a robust and lasting bridge between Latvia and its Diaspora. The organization implements practical initiatives such as specialized training sessions for entrepreneurs, think tanks, and collaborative projects with African nations. By organizing events and educational programs, ESI.LV aims to enhance digital literacy and entrepreneurial skills in Latvia and beyond. ESI.LV’s “She Rebuilds the World” initiative further underscores its commitment by empowering women entrepreneurs and leaders, providing them with resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities. ESI.LV has played a vital role in shaping Latvia’s global image, and promoting knowledge exchange between Latvia and other countries.

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e-mail: esilv@latviesi.com