Driven by a passion to preserve smaller, often overlooked languages, Tilde offers advanced language technologies such as machine translation, AI-powered chatbots, and speech transcription to help businesses overcome language barriers. Their services cater to diverse industries by offering secure, fast, and accurate translation and localization solutions. Tilde’s focus on supporting complex, lesser-known languages ensures equal access to cutting-edge technology all over the globe.


Tilde in action

Tilde’s machine translation technology is utilized by a variety of global tech leaders. IBM employs Tilde’s domain-specific MT systems for translating product information into multiple languages, while Microsoft integrates Tilde’s MT engines into Bing Translator, serving millions of users daily. Additionally, the Finnish Prime Minister’s office and the German EU Council Presidency benefit from Tilde’s AI-powered multilingual platforms to enhance communication and translation efficiency. These applications highlight Tilde’s versatility and impact in addressing complex language challenges for high-profile organizations all over the world.

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