Cross language barriers and reach global audiences with TILDE’s award-winning language technology, translation and localization services!

The NLTP is an AI-powered solution designed to break down language barriers and empower inclusive communication, especially in developing countries. By providing a comprehensive suite of language tools in one user-friendly platform, NLTP ensures all citizens can access government services and information in their native language, regardless of location or technical expertise.

Proven track record in assisting developing nations in their first steps towards artificial intelligence in the governmental sector

Various pilot projects launched in developing countries have proved their potential in using AI and language technologies to further promote development efforts. Namely, the early adaptation of terminology portals and machine translation for the Legislative Herald of Georgia, Tashkent State University of Uzbek Language and Literature, as well as Tilde is working with small island development states (SIDS) as part of a UNESCO initiative to explore opportunities for how Tilde Language Technologies can support digitization and modernization of their educational systems.

Affordable and scalable for resource-constrained environments

NLTP is designed to be cost-effective, easily implemented, and customizable, making it a perfect fit for developing countries with limited resources. The platform is highly scalable, allowing it to grow alongside and at an equal pace of your digitalization efforts.

Building Long-Term Language Development Partnerships with a Global Vision

NLTP actively seeks partnerships with local organizations in developing countries. Through collaborative efforts, they develop solutions tailored for specific language needs, contributing to the long-term development of local language resources and digital literacy. Built with the support of the European Union and a global network of industry, academia, and public sector experts, NLTP is committed to providing the most advanced language technology tools and solutions to empower inclusive communication worldwide.

Benefits for developing countries:

  • Inclusive Access: NLTP ensures all citizens can access government services and information in their native language, fostering inclusivity and participation in the digital world.
  • Bridging the Digital Divide: By overcoming language barriers, NLTP empowers citizens to participate in the digital economy and access educational and professional opportunities.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: The affordable and scalable platform delivers significant value for developing countries with limited resources, repurposing information, and improving the efficiency of the governmental institutions.
  • Local Partnerships: Collaboration with local organizations ensures NLTP is tailored to address specific language needs and build long-term digital literacy.
  • Sustainable Development: NLTP supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related to digital inclusion and access to information.

Key features of the NLTP platform:

  • Real-time translation: Translate documents, websites, and any other text while preserving original formatting.
  • Multilingual AI chatbots: Automate customer service and other public sector processes with easy-to-use chatbots available 24/7.
  • Online translation tools: Review, edit, and polish translations with a user-friendly CAT tool that repurposes the information that has been already taken care of previously.
  • Anonymization tool: Securely anonymize sensitive information before making documents public and repurposing them for improved machine translation results.
  • Terminology Management: Ensure consistent translations by defining specific terms and phrases for various domains.
  • Website translation: Instantly make your website content available in multiple languages expanding the outreach and potential market.
  • Machine translation customization: Fine-tune machine translation for specific language pairs to deliver the highest possible quality.
  • Speech recognition and synthesis: Convert speech, audio, and video files to text for faster document creation and accessibility.
  • Large Language Models: Leverage cutting-edge AI models for content creation, document analysis, information structuring, and more.

Customized solutions now available: