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Latvia’s success in the biomedicine sector is the result of effectively combining its strong R&D capabilities with an established manufacturing infrastructure.

The Institute of Organic Synthesis of Latvia (LOSI) collaborates with world-renowned scientific institutions and pharmaceutical companies. Latvian Biomedical Research and Study Center is the largest molecular biology and biomedical research center in Latvia. And manufacturers such as Grindeks, Olainfarm, and Silvanol have been developing and exporting drugs to dozens of countries around the world for decades.


companies in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry


years of experience in biomedicine and related fields


of Latvia-made chemicals & pharmaceutical products are exported

From Nobel prize to organs on a chip

Next generation of talents in biomedicine

Biomedicine is one of the most developed industries in Latvia. It has enormous future potential and the demand for qualified specialists is high. As a result, interest in studying chemistry and other life sciences is growing – over the past decade, the number of students choosing these fields has increased by 50.3%.


of scientific personnel are between 20 and 40 years old


of Latvian students study biomedicine or related fields


HealthTech and MedTech startups in 2023