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Smart energy

With the ever-growing resource prices and the effects of climate changes already affecting our everyday lives, progress to smarter energy and more sustainable living needs to happen fast.

Latvia already is one of the greenest countries in the world. And we want to take part in tackling sustainability challenges at a global scale. To do it, we’ve set the goal to eliminate or minimize bureaucracy to promote the R&D of new products and technologies in the smart energy and mobility sectors.

Latvia’s main focus in the smart energy sector is on the development of technological and non-technological solutions for smart and efficient energy systems and sustainable mobility.


greenest country in the EU in terms of greenhouse gas emissions


largest manufacturer of renewable energy in Europe


a Latvian-Estonian joint offshore wind farm to be built in Kurzeme by 2030


of scientific personnel is employed in research areas related to smart energy

Supporting green innovations

Latvia's latest initiatives in the smart energy sector

  • 2010

  • 2019

  • 2021

  • 2021


GreenTech cluster established

GreenTech cluster brings together companies with educational and research institutions for cross-sectoral sustainable innovation. There are 66 active member companies in the cluster.


Innovation movement VEFRESH established

Working in close collaboration with the City of Riga and the Ministry of Economics of Latvia, VEFRESH develops an innovation sandbox where corporations, start-ups, and the public sector can prototype and test their latest smart city solutions.


Fast-track “Green Channel” initiative

Latvia approves the “Green Channel” initiative for fast-tracking smart energy initiatives. The main purpose of the initiative is to relieve administrative burdens for high-value-added investments.


Subsidy program for electric cars

Latvia announces a 10M EUR subsidy program for electric cars and plug-in hybrids. The subsidy is intended to increase the spread of e-vehicles, making the country an even greener place to live.

Next generation of talents in smart energy

Every year, Latvia’s largest universities prepare new specialists in the areas related to smart energy and smart city. The leading higher education institution in this sector is Riga Technical University (RTU), which prepares about 75% of young specialists that go on to work in this sector.

Overall, students’ interest in the smart energy sector has been growing in recent years. This has led to an increase in the number of degree programs and courses offered in related fields, along with an increase in research and development funding in the energy sector.


of students choose to study programmes related to smart energy every year


of doctoral students are in the smart energy-related areas


number of study programmes in English are increasing

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Startups you should know

  • Aerones is the world leading robot-enabled wind turbine maintenance and inspections service provider
  • Terrawaste – advanced chemical waste recycling that turns non-recyclable waste into valuable, carbon-negative materials
  • Marine Digital – aims to digitize ports by automating cargo acceptance and handling, as well as improving data exchange between supply chain participants.