Latvia’s first mission revolves around one of the most environmentally and economically significant aspects influencing the country – the Baltic sea. The mission will tackle environmental and economic challenges by seeking out new technologies that can provide solutions on a regional and global scale.


The Baltic Sea is the most pollution endangered in the world


Home to thousands of macroscopic species


Years required for the water to completely be replaced in the Baltic sea

Opportunities of Mission Sea2030

  • The mission will be an opportunity for new forms of cooperation and innovation, building on existing economic competencies and those that will be developed in the future. As a result, we will attract global partners, investors who stand up for the values that are important to us and the world, by solving global challenges.

  • The mission will focus on technological innovations that can be used to efficiently monitor marine water quality and support the long-term natural regeneration of the Baltic Sea. It is our responsibility to contribute to the solution. And that is what we invite other countries to do.

  • The mission will be an opportunity for creating new forms of cooperation among industries, scientists, societies, and governments – supported by innovative legislative tools. We will invite a variety of international partners and investors who support the values that we consider crucial for global development.

The Baltic Sea is the lifeline of its surrounding countries. Over the year it has become one of the most polluted seas in the world, and our mission is to leave it cleaner for the next generations than how we received it.

With our pilot mission “Sea 2030”, we are fighting for the renewal of an important resource for the region — the Baltic Sea — through the development of new, innovative solutions and the strengthening of a common goal and vision. As part of our mission, we are also joining global initiatives to provide everyone with access to clean water around the world.

Why the Baltic sea?

The sea is the result of everything we do and how we manage our resources and live on a daily basis. Latvia is located in the geographical center of the pollution of the Baltic Sea, so we have both the need and the right position to act now.

Water is a necessary resource for every aspect of human existence, including commerce, so the way people live and do business has a significant impact on water, with every sector, from agriculture to transport, having its own consequences.

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In order to implement the clean water mission, innovations in many industries and policies will help to restore the Baltic sea in the long term because the Baltic Sea is one of the most polluted and endangered seas in the world. As a result, Latvia will become internationally recognized as a water innovation country that developed solutions valuable also to other countries who understand the importance of climate change challenges.

Mission “Sea 2030” is coordinated by:

Latvia Science council



Ministry of Economics

Entrepreneurship opportunities – how to get involved

The mission “Sea 2030” opens the door to a vast amount of opportunities. It is estimated that the mission will open Latvia to up to 1 billion EUR in funding. In order to support organizations in the process fo tackling mission “Sea 2030”, a variety of state support mechanisms is available.

For startups

  • Develop early-stage ideas in water and mobility-related industries. Selected participants recieve mentorship, workshops, access to testbeds, and up to 12,000 EUR in support for product prototyping.

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  • Startups will have direct access to a variety of testbeds and organizations with which they can test their pilot product. The Freeport of Riga is one such partner organization.

    Riga Technical University is ready to share its knowledge in water innovations – an area in which they have significant expertise.

  • Startups have access to a variety of stats support instruments, including:

    • startup law tax benefits
    • employee stock options
    • innovation vouchers up to 25,000 EUR in value
    • International competitiveness support up to 20,000 EUR in value

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For investors

  • A variety of scientific projects are available for commercialization. These are outcomes of scientific research coming out of organizations such as Riga Technical University, the Institute of Solid State Physics, and more.

    For information on available projects, contact

  • Receive specialized support in moving forward investment projects in key strategic areas:

    • Semiconductors
    • Meta city
    • Hydrogen technology development
    • Smart specialization (RIS3) areas

Mission “Sea 2030” supports both Latvian and EU goals

The mission “Sea 2030” will support all existing initiatives and strategies in Latvia and the EU. It can learn from, contribute to and work with them.

  • UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • EU mission «Starfish 2030»
  • European Green Deal
  • National Industrial Policy Guidelines for 2021-2027 (NIP2027)
  • National Development Plan of Latvia for 2021-2027 (NAP2027)
  • Sustainable Development Strategy of Latvia until 2030
  • Digital transformation of Latvia 2021-2027