Every Latvian has a sense of mission to do more – not only for himself and his family, but on a much wider scale – providing value to our country and the world.

We are persistent, tireless, creative. Each of us is talented in our field, but setting common goals and working together, we are able to set not only records in sports, but also achieve amazing success in science and business.

Mission Latvia values

Natural playground

Latvia is not only the place to foster innovation, but to produce & test it as well. Our ambition and adaptability are at the core of our country's success stories.

Ready for any challenges

Latvia has historically tackled great challenges, and still does no matter how great they are. It is in the nature of Latvia's restless spirit to surprise the world with new ideas and solutions, rooted in creativity.

Connecting worlds apart

Utilizing advanced technologies, Latvia is connecting talents, industries, technologies, & innovations across the world. We are bringing together and connecting the right dots for innovations and breakthrough to happen.

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Mission characteristics = Latvian characteristics

  • The missions must develop the country’s entrepreneurial spirit and skills. Missions must be ambitious to motivate the participants involved, however, realistic enough to be implemented within a given timeframe. Public administration institutions must be willing to respond to and engage in change processes as part of their missions together with broad involvement of society.

  • Missions must inspire the participants involved and address challenges that are relevant and important to society. They must match the country’s sustainable development goals.

  • Involving society, various organizations and public administration. The establishment and evaluation of missions will require involvement of the society, various institutions and organizations. 

Mission Sea2030

Addressing the issues of climate change, pollution, and the circular economy by creating an environment for innovative projects that ensure sustainability. This positions Latvia as an innovative and forward-looking country that offers its unique solutions.