Restless in nature, united in mission

Coast of the Baltic Sea in Latvia, Kārlis Ansens ©

Latvia in Europe

Where's Latvia?

In the northeastern corner of Europe, Latvia is the center of the three Baltic states, flanked by Estonia and Lithuania. It sits across the sea from Sweden, south of Finland, and just northeast of Germany. Having lived by the banks of the Baltic Sea for several millennia, Latvia is home to restless minds and talented people.


member state since 2004


member state since 2004

euro currency


the official language of Latvia


most startup-friendly country in the world


highest rate of women in management positions in the EU


youth English language proficiency in the Baltics


in e-governance in the EU


in global Environmental Performance Index

“The many hardships the Baltics have overcome over the years leading to its independence is reflected in its people's work ethic, entrepreneurship and warmness in an often cold climate! Latvia in particular is an European Union trailblazer in the technology sector and this is reflected in its rapid adoption and incubation of 5G cellular connectivity, fintech services and more. In my humble opinion, this serves Latvia well in welcoming new business opportunities on a global basis.”

“It has been an incredibly satisfying experience to work with the marvelously talented artist in Latvia. As a composer and music producer, I have worked at so many internationally acclaimed studios, and with world-class musicians.”

“Having worked with Latvian professionals and having visited Latvia, particularly its capital Riga, I have been a direct witness to how people work and live, the desire to bring an effective contribution and to emerge and conquer an increasingly important role in the European landscape and economy. Seeing a country working in synergy at all levels - economic, institutional, social, environmental - with the aim of achieving important results is both stimulating and inspiring.”

Will Townsend

5G Analyst, Forbes Contributor, USA

Lolita Ritmanis

Composer, Music Producer, USA

Emil Abirascid

Journalist, Advisor, Italy

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Did you know that...

Latvia is the most startup-friendly country in the world
Together with favourable tax rates, startup visas, and stock options for employees, Latvia was named #1 most startup-friendly country in the world by Index Ventures.

Europe's 3rd largest manufacturer of clean energy

Latvians worship nature, and renewable energy is high on the priority list. 41% of Latvia’s energy consumption comes from renewable energy, thanks to a highly developed hydroelectric power industry.

Latvians have over 1 million folk songs

Also known as “the country that sings”, every 5 years over 40,000 singers come together to sing in the world’s largest choir.

Invest in smart potential

Explore the value-added smart industries that are ripe for investment.


Study the best for less

Internationally accredited university programs for international students.

Study in Latvia

Access top scientific minds

Scale your research with highly skilled scientists and engineers.


Explore authentically

Beautifully preserved old towns and untouched nature make for authentic tourism.

Arts & Culture

Scout a location

Find the backdrop for your next historical film.

Visit Latvia

Enjoy world-class music

World-class Latvian musicians can be heard all over the world.


Latvia - a country on a mission

Latvians – people with a mission mindset. The values of nature and innovator spirit historically and today are ingrained in our DNA. We believe that change can start with one person, and when coming together nothing is impossible. No challenge is too great to overcome and our restless nature can move mountains. missionLatvia is the story of us and what we bring to the world. Join us!

missionLatvia values

Natural playground

Latvia is not only the place to foster innovation, but to produce & test it as well. Our ambition and adaptability are at the core of our country's success stories.

Ready for any challenges

Latvia has historically tackled great challenges, and still does no matter how great they are. It is in the nature of Latvia's restless spirit to surprise the world with new ideas and solutions, rooted in creativity.

Connecting worlds apart

Utilizing advanced technologies, Latvia is connecting talents, industries, technologies, & innovations across the world. We are bringing together and connecting the right dots for innovations and breakthrough to happen.