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Oh, how wonderful summer is! They say to experience summer, you must first endure winter. While winter has its own charm, this story is all about the magic of Latvian summer.

Are you dreaming of an escape from the hustle and bustle, breathing in the fresh scent of pine forests and sea breezes? Do you want to explore ancient traditions and enjoy the fun of summer festivals? Then Latvia is your perfect summer travel destination! If you have forgotten, or are just getting to know Latvia, you can find what you’re looking for here – Latvia.eu | Key facts.

Latvia is a green oasis in Northern Europe, where forests, lakes, and sea know no bounds. Summer is the ideal time to enjoy countless outdoor activities – hike along picturesque trails in Gauja National Park, cycle through forest paths, or relax peacefully on a boat. Surrounded by the serenity of Kāla Lake, unwind with the “Sounds of the Lake” (Ezera skaņas) event. Here, a captivating performance unfolds on a floating stage, its music blending seamlessly with the rising sun’s glorious light.

Latvia has its own summer taste! Latvian summers are rich with fresh vegetables and fruits that will delight your taste buds. At local markets, taste juicy berries, crispy cucumbers, tomatoes, and other delights straight from the fields. Remember, June is the season for local strawberries! Check out Riga Central Market, Āgenskalns Market, Vidzemes Market or visit pop-up home-producer markets across Latvia.

One of the most significant adventures during a trip to Latvia is Jāņi or Līgo – the most tradition-rich and joyful Latvian festival, eagerly anticipated every year. Celebrated at the summer solstice, when the Sun reaches its highest point in the sky, the longest day is followed by the shortest night, and nature is in full bloom. Bonfires, songs, dances, and Jāņu cheese (included in the European Commission’s Traditional Speciality Guaranteed (TSG) register) abound. Everything during this time creates a special festive atmosphere that will captivate everyone. Learn more – Latvia.eu | Nature  – Jāņi – summer solstice.

For peace and tranquility, head to a campsite in a national park, take a wild swim in Smiltene’s Niedrājs Lake, where the water is clean and clear, or enjoy the Camino di Santiago Latvia route, which is 562 km long. Get the Latgale black sauna experience. It is a ritual in Latgale, which cleanses both body and soul – the heat, fresh sauna whisks, and refreshing dip are perfect for summer relaxation. Or perhaps discover the artisan in you and learn to make your own sauna whisk. Whisk making is incredibly fragrant and a delightful activity for the whole family. As the solstice approaches, summer nights in Latvia are particularly beautiful and bright. Enjoy the starry skies or take a night walk through the forest, immersing yourself in nature’s magic.

Summer in Latvian cities is filled with festivals and celebrations too. Explore the local culture, enjoying live music, delicious food, and drinks during city birthday festivals. The everyday and festive atmosphere of cities is like a living painting, embodying the vitality and joy of local communities. Explore!
Enjoy a coffee break in Riga, lunch in Kuldīga’s restaurants and cafes, catch the Kurzemes breeze in Liepāja – European Capital of Culture 2027, savor a romantic and peaceful retreat by nature in Pāvilosta, and visit Rundāle Palace, known as the Versailles of the Baltic, designed by Francesco Rastrelli .
This is just a small glimpse of what we have to show you. Find out where you can go this summer here.

Although we are a small country, we wholeheartedly welcome guests (or in Latvian – ar atplestām rokām) because we love throwing great parties and relaxing together afterwards. A summer journey through Latvia offers unforgettable experiences and inspiration, letting you discover new places and create lasting memories. We’re excited to welcome you!