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Inclusive gaming

Video games are everywhere these days! People spend tons of time playing them, especially youngsters. These games can be super realistic and create amazing worlds, but sometimes they forget about one thing: not everyone can play the same way.

That’s where a cool Latvian start-up called Azeron comes in! Founded in 2019 in Ventspils, they don’t make ordinary gaming devices. Instead, they design special ergonomic equipment so everyone, no matter their abilities, can enjoy the fun of gaming.

Gaming giants like Nintendo are creating amazing games, and companies like Activision are working hard to keep online gaming a fun and positive experience. But there’s another important part of gaming that Azeron focuses on: making sure everyone can play! Their main product, the Cyborg keypad, is a comfy programmable gaming keyboard for PC gaming that fits like a glove and is perfect for every user.

But their coolest invention might be the Azeron Cyro gaming tool. World’s first adjustable mouse, joystick & keypad hybrid for gaming with one hand. The Cyro lets every player compete, make friends online, and just have a blast – something they couldn’t do before!

For Azeron, making sure everyone can play isn’t just a fancy idea, it’s super important. This actually fits perfectly with how Latvia wants the world to see them! Latvia is known for being a forward-thinking country that wants to make things better for everyone. By focusing on making gaming inclusive, Azeron shows this perfectly.

Recognition on the World Stage

This commitment to inclusivity has garnered international recognition for this Latvian start-up. In fact, Azeron was just ranked 10th in the gaming industry on Fast Company’s prestigious 2024 World’s Most Innovative Companies in gaming list. This recognition places them alongside industry giants such as Epic Games, Activision Blizzard, and Nintendo, becoming a recognized leader in innovative and inclusive gaming.

This inclusion on the Fast Company list is a approval to Azeron’s dedication to pushing boundaries and ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to experience the joy of gaming. It’s a powerful example of how a small start-up from Latvia can make a significant impact on the global gaming industry:

By focusing on including everyone and letting all gamers experience the thrill of competition, Azeron is changing the game – and changing lives too. With their commitment to inclusivity and innovation, Azeron is not only creating a more level playing field in the gaming world, but also inspiring others to think about how technology can be used to create a more inclusive future.

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