05.04.2024 - Our DNA

Bog Wonders

© Gatis Gribusts

Silence, untouched envirinment and an unusual landscape – the bog invites you to discover its relic plant species, hare’s-tail cottongrass, round-leaved Sundew,s, downy birches. The bog map reveals that they permeate all of Latvia, testifying to our close connection with this natural wonder.

Since ancient times, the bog has been shrouded in myths – it is both frightening and attractive, associated with both good and not so good. However, there has always been a clear awareness that the bog must be treated with deep respect.

Where does the intoxicating aroma of marsh Labrador tea or wild rosemary come from? Where do cranberries and lingonberries, so dear to the Latvian heart, come from? Hand-picked and harvested, these gifts of nature can be found in almost every home. And where do the cranes dance during the rutting season? – The bog holds the answers to these and many other questions.

Bogs are more than just landscapes – they are an integral part of Latvian identity. They symbolise the ability to endure difficult conditions and find value even in the most unusual circumstances. The bog is a place to relax the soul and strengthen the connection with nature. Come and discover the magic of the bog!

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