Cultural space is a vital element in shaping the identity of the Latvian nation, and this is revealed and confirmed by the examples of architecture created or renovated in Latvia by the Latvian architects during the past two decades, which are collected in the new book “Culture domain- 21st century cultural buildings in Latvia” by the Latvian architect, diplomat and lecturer, former Minister of Culture and Chief Architect of the City of Riga Jānis Dripe.

Cultural space is not just a building, it is a space where people and their cultural expressions come together to enrich its essence. This visually engaging large-format book is an inspiring publication that instills a sense of pride in the Latvian nation and its abilities, highlighting success stories in the field of architecture.

The book includes a wide range of photos and visual materials, along with general and professional information in both Latvian and English about each of the following: 10 new Latvian libraries, 5 concert halls, 12 open-air theaters and summer concert halls, 19 museums, 5 theaters, 18 cultural centers and meeting houses, as well as 12 buildings for cultural education. In total, there are 83 objects featured in the book, and two-thirds of these objects are located outside of Riga.

Isn’t this a great reason to visit the regions of Latvia to personally see the various architectural styles and their integration into the surrounding environment?
Find the book online in Latvian bookstores.

Some examples of cultural spaces can be seen below!