The Baltic Way was a protest flashmob that happened in 23 August 1989, one of the biggest the world has ever seen. The idea was to open world’s eyes to the ugly truth – The Baltic states were occupied after an evil secret pact between soviet Russia and the Nazi Germany. The ~670 km long live human chain was the peak in a series of manifestations during the Awakening or Independence Movement of the Baltic states (1988-1991) who sought to regain their sovereignty.
Today we offer you a short film that encourages us to evaluate how the Baltic Way works today - in politics, in everyday life, in relationships and elsewhere.


Celebrating Freedom

The history of Latvia is a complex one, full of dramatic twists and lucky turns, but one element is always at the core of it all - our striving for Freedom. With arms in a battlefield, singing revolutions, or national crowd-funding projects, this is our way of saying: "We all understand what freedom means, as she begins in every one of us". One testimony to that - the story of our Freedom Monument.


Latvia - celebrating 100

Where do Latvians charge their souls when the batteries are low? Here. Our land is our strength, our ancient songs – our guiding light. Latvia – our power-station by the Baltic Sea, in Northern Europe, celebrating one hundred years.

Latvian version of the video, as well as versions with Russian, French and German subtitles you can find here.

Production: Latvian Institute, DDB Latvija, Tritone Studio
Director: Lauris Ābele
Music: Bandmaster

One hundred years, one hundred stories – snapshots of the codes of our consciousness, values and virtues, a glimpse at both the changeable and the

15.02.2018, Centenary