May 4 is the Restoration of Independence of the Republic of Latvia Day, which is the right time to gather families, friends, neighbours and communities around a white-clad table, cherishing togetherness and the gift of living in a free country of our own. Thus May 5, this year on Saturday, is the perfect time to continue celebrating Latvia and its hundred years with a healthy and fun sports activity!

“Jog Latvia in the World” is activity that invites you to create a jogging, walking or biking route resembling the geographic shape of Latvia around your town or city with the help of your favourite sports app. The distance does not matter – it is all about the contour and the fun! Share your route in the social networks with your friends, family members and neighbours, using the hashtag #izskrienLatviju, and invite them to participate also. Let’s all jog Latvia in the world together!

A short manual how to create routes and participate in this activity you can find here. Some premade routes you can find here. If you have any questions or need help with creating a route, contact us We will be very happy to be informed about any “Jog Latvia in the World” routes and activities you are planning, and more than very happy to share that info in our social media accounts and webpage.

Already last year the Latvian Institute joined together with the VSK Noskrien runner society to invite every Latvian and every friend of Latvia to take part in a patriotic sport: jog Latvia in the world! More than 40 routes were made in more than 20 countries.