Today, on November 18, Latvia marks its 97th anniversary. Almost a hundred years ago in 1918, the brave actions of Latvian men and women led to the creation of our very own free state. Happy Latvian Independence Day!
18.11.2015, Celebration
The team of the popular driving application ''Waze'' has evaluated the driving experience of 50 million users in 32 countries and 167 metro areas to create the world’s first “Driver Satisfaction Index”. According to the index, Latvia scored a rating of 7.3 which was the second best in the world only behind the Netherlands.
Latvian Institute, 19.10.2015, Society
This year marks the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Līgatne Nature Trails. Besides celebrating their birthday, in 2015 the trails have been reconstructed, with new paths and observation fields added to the trail.
Latvian Institute, 05.10.2015, Nature, Celebration
In a government meeting, the ministers agreed on the most significant matters regarding next year's budget - to increase the minimum wage, to implement the differentiated non-taxable minimum, and to increase the general non-taxable minimum.
Latvian Institute, 03.09.2015, Politics, Economy