Latvian Talents EP 17 - Wooden lamps

Wooden lamp designer Elvijs Vībots will share his tips and tricks on creating mesmerising wooden log lamps with designer inspired by nature and Latvian strength signs.


Latvian Talents EP 15 - Ancient costumes

Tailors are needed also for historical garments. Explore some ancient costumes in Latvias history together with Dose of Culture and Santa Kirmuža-Svilāne.


e-Saeima: a new tool for remote work at the parliament of Latvia

Saeima, the parliament of Latvia, is one of the first parliaments in the world that can fully shift to remote work. Thanks to the new e-Saeima platform, plenary sittings can now be held remotely, with MPs participating from outside the parliament premises.


Latvian Talents EP 14 - Fashion with message

Colours, brightness is not the only aspect of fashion. The most important is the story and message delivered to us, consumers. It is art in different form. Find out about story of talented fashion designer Laima Jurca.


Latvian Talents EP 13 - Good Lady

Music doesn’t have borders. Language, nationality, gender doesn’t play part in music appreciation. The same applies to electronic music. Follow the story of Latvian electronic music Dj “Good Lady” and his interesting story.