Latvian Talents EP 9 - Ambrotype photography

Travel back in time with photographer Māris Ločmelis. How photos were taken before digital cameras and phones? Let's find out together and marvel at the beautiful art.


Latvian Talents EP 8 - Subcontrabass trumpet

Latvia has not only tall basketball players but also large trumpets. Whats the connection between basketball and classical music? Find out along with The Latvian National Opera Orchestra member Vairis Nartiss


Latvian Talents EP 7 - Ebru Art

Ebru? What it is you can find out with us and artist Anda Kolosova. She has studied Ebru in Turkey and has been master already for 4 years. Let's see what can be done with combination of water, colour, rose stem brushes?


Latvian Talents EP 6 - Pipylophone

We know of music made by piano, violin, flute, guitar and so on. But can you imagine instrument made out of pipes and played with flip flops? It's real. Two talented young man have mastered Pipylophone and founded group "Santehniķi". Discover with us their journey and success.


Latvian Talents EP 5 - Fashion Illustrator

Fashion illustrators are also needed in fashion industry. Who are they and what do they do?Alīna Grinpauka will introduce you to the world of fashion illustration.