Latvian talents EP 26 - Brain games

You can never be too old for board games! The board game creators of the Latvian company "Brain Games" guide us through the process of playing and creating new games, as well as bringing them to the international level.


atvian celebrities congratulate the class of 2020

With the initiative from 3 high school graduates - Paula Biša, Elizabete Lūse un Patrīcija Bajāre - many famous Latvian personalities congratulate the class of 2020. We wish you luck and more success to come!


Latvian talents EP 25 - The art of recycling

Did you know you could make a wallet out of a plastic bag? Rūdolfs Skuja sure does, and in today's #Kultūrdeva will show you how, turning already used plastic materials into original and functioning items!


Latvian talents EP 24 - New initiatives

From the horse tram to kokles and racing cars - coming up with new initiatives describes Arnolds Ziemelis the best. He takes us back in time reminiscing about the old horse tram, but also moves forward and tells about his projects, that help people integrate in the society, work together and participate in the events of today.


Latvian talents EP 23 - Love letters

How much do you know about love? In contrast to the expressions of love we know today, we now go back in time, when love was expressed in letters. As the artist Zinaīda Ceske shares her passion with art, she allows us to appreciate the small details, precise work, and love, which goes into the process of making paper letters, bookmarks and cards.