Многоликая Рига:

Business Rīga

Geographical Hot Spot

Rīga is strategically located, with an ice-free port on the Baltic Sea, providing easy access to the Scandinavian countries, direct rail links to Russia, and an airport a mere 10 km from the city centre with direct flights to over 80 destinations worldwide. Rīga also serves as a gateway to Central Asian states. Historically, it was a member of the Hanseatic League, and in a crucial location on the amber trade route.

Bridge Between East and West

Latvia has been part of both East and West throughout its history. As a result of this, the vast majority of people in Latvia, especially in Rīga, speak at least 3 languages – Latvian, Russian, and English; German and the Scandinavian languages are also known by many – and have experience working with partners both in the East and in the West. Eastern partnership is a key aim of the foreign policy. As such, the Latvian work force can provide a bridge between the East and the West, easily switching from communicating with one to the other, with awareness of cultural sensitivities.