Riga is the best city in the world through which to walk with your head tilted back at an angle of thirty degrees. (Mike Collier, eng.lsm.lv)
Mike Collier, eng.lsm.lv chief editor, 22.09.2017
A favorite party question of mine to foreigners is: "What do you think is the most popular flavor of potato chip in Latvia?" (Mike Collier, eng.lsm.lv)
Mike Collier, eng.lsm.lv chief editor, 24.08.2017
Summer in Latvia is short therefore no day should be wasted. Every sunny weekend from June to August, is of golden value – swimming, sunbathing, camping or gardening. Most of these activities can be combined with a cultural event.
02.06.2017, Culture

Economists are people who know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

Pēteris Strautiņš, economist of DNB banka, 19.04.2017

Relations between the leader of the free world, Canada, and the leader of the European Union, Latvia, are getting ever closer, as evidenced by the

Mike Collier, eng.lsm.lv chief editor, 24.02.2017

I would never have thought that I am going to be one of those people, who would return to his native country because quite frankly saying, I never

Evijs Ozols, 01.02.2017
Hello, dear readers! I'm Mary, a Chinese architect and artist. I have been working as an architect in China for 20 years, but then we decided to move away from China. And then I found Riga – my happiness!
Hong Ge Zhang (Mary), 27.01.2017, People, Society
Mes premiers contacts avec les Lettons et mon premier séjour à Riga, au milieu des années 1990, ont eu lieu au cours d’un échange entre un théâtre universitaire français dont je faisais partie et la première promotion d’étudiants de théâtre de l’académie de la Culture de Lettonie.
Jonathan Durandin, 08.12.2016, People
Лиепая – третий по величине город Латвии, расположенный на юго-западе страны. Лиепая известна своей особенной и неповторимой связью с культурой. Может именно поэтому Лиепая стала домом для такого большого количества молодых и трудолюбивых предпринимателей. Вот список самых перспективных компаний и их продуктов.
Dāvis Paipa, 06.10.2016, Society, Economy, Business