In 2018 Latvia celebrates 100 years of its statehood. On this occasion, the European Commission Representation in Latvia, the Latvian Institute, and Latvian Political Science Association was organizing a high-level conference “Europe. After 100 Before” held on 7th May 2018 at the National Library of Latvia.

The aim of the conference was to gather representatives from the countries which emerged on the European political map at the end of the World War I: Austria, Czechoslovakia, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, and Yugoslavia. Experts and civil society representatives from the countries established 100 years ago provided their vision of what these states and nations born at the same moment in history can offer today as a launch pad and best practice for a peaceful, democratic and prosperous future of Europe. The conference created a platform for high-level experts and civil society representatives who would offer innovative, alternative, and forward-looking ideas based on a cross-sector approach taking stock of their historical experience and would empower policy-making on the European level. Watch the videos here.

The discussions took place in three thematic panels: Politics, Economy, and Culture/Civil Self-Realisation/Participation. A collection of articles prepared by the participants has been published in order to make sure the views and ideas presented at the conference obtain sustainability and continuity. Read it here: