Latvia Soviet Russia Peace Treaty

On 11 August 2020, Latvia celebrates the centenary of signing the Latvia - Russia Peace Treaty.  Among 23 articles, article 2 states the following:

"By virtue of the principle proclaimed by the Federal Socialist Republic of Russian Soviets, which establishes the right of self – determination for all nations, even to the point of total separation from the States with which they have been incorporated, and in view of the desire expressed by the Latvian people to possess an independent national existence. Russia unreservedly recognises the independence and sovereignty of the Latvian State and voluntarily and irrevocably renounces all sovereign rights over the Latvian people and territory which formerly belonged to Russia under the then existing constitutional law as well as under international Treaties, which, in the sense here indicated, shall in future cease to be valid. The previous status of the subjection of Latvia to Russia shall not entail any obligations towards Russia on the part of the Latvian people or territory."

The Treaty of Peace between Latvia and Russia has been registered in the UN databases of Treaties (League of Nation Treaty Series).  

Get acquainted with the event programme and get to know the main facts about the Latvia-Russia Peace Treaty in under 3 minutes by watching the video below made by the Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.