The Saeima has approved the innovative diaspora law intended to foster remigration as well as support those who live abroad but want to maintain their Latvian identity.

The law is divided into four parts, previously reported. The first part includes general rules, describes the purpose of the law and explains such terms as diaspora, remigration, diaspora policy and diaspora organizations. The goal of the diaspora bill is to build a systemic and systematic framework for implementation of the diaspora policy in order to give Latvian diaspora members the opportunity to maintain links with Latvia, foster preservation of the Latvian language and culture in Latvian communities abroad, and ensure favorable conditions for cooperation and remigration.

Another section of the law deals with the diaspora policy and state and municipal institutions' responsibilities in implementation of the diaspora policy. The third section of the law lays down diaspora support measures, including assistance to diaspora members in such matters as education documents, recognition of qualifications, residence registration, enrolment of children in preschools and schools, minimum income, and others.

The fourth section of the law deals with financing for diaspora support measures.

The task force working on the diaspora law included representatives from Saeima, several ministries, institutions, diaspora organizations and non-governmental organizations.