The global travel search site Skyscanner conducted a search for the world's 20 most hipster neighbourhoods around the world. Their conclusions? The energetic and vibrant Miera iela in Rīga is the most hip of them all!

Rīga beat such well-known community neighbourhoods and social gathering spots as Williamsburg in New York, Kreuzberg in Berlin and Mission District in San Francisko.

They write: "Hipsters around the world have their favourite places and Skyscanner has identified 20 of the most hipster. Vintage shops, cafés, bookstores (not necessarily dusty), music stores and contemporary art centres: welcome to hipster heaven.

Capital of Culture 2014, Riga is at last receiving recognition of its hipness. Stroll down Miera iela (Peace Street) to see it in all its hip glory: a swarm of art galleries, vintage shops, hairdresser-bookstores, restaurants and florists bartering green plants for herbal teas. Pop into the DAD Café for home baking, several glasses of wine and an acoustic concert."

But don't think that Miera iela is the only hipster neighbourhood in Rīga: there are the Kalnciema kvartāls, VEF radošais kvartāls, Kaņepes Kultūras centrs and many more all around the city. Rīga has recently bloomed with creative quarters and hipster neighborhoods popping up in areas of the city underused and forgotten beforehand. Seeing it as a chance to express themselves in creative ways, artists, socially active youths and members of the general public have transformed such locations into unbelievably cozy and inspiring places where locals can spend time and socialize.

The ancient Old Town or simply Old Rīga is also a source of inspiration to all its visitors, dating back to the 13th century when the city was first established. The feeling of history meeting the future flows through the cobble stone streets. What's more, Rīga also can boast about its buildings made in the Art Nouveau style architecture - one of the biggest collections remaining in entire Europe.

Latvian Institute, 01.04.2014, Society