On August 23, the sound of drums by the National Library of Latvia will wake Rīga up at dawn 06:07 a.m, signalling the launch of the videoproject, Baltic Centenary Way. With the participation of people from various parts of the country, three symbolic birthday cakes will be delivered from hand to hand to our neighbours – Lithuania, Estonia and Finland – as our greeting on their centenaries. Organized by the Latvian Institute, the event takes place on the anniversary of the historic Baltic Way.

“On August 23, 1989, the three Baltic nations of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia joined hands in the Baltic Way, sending a message to the world that we condemn the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact and manifesting our right to freedom. We regained our independence thanks to our unity, and today we wish to thank our neighbours and Finland for the opportunity to celebrate centenaries of our statehood and to build the future of our nations during the coming 100 years,” says Aiva Rozenberga, Director of the Latvian Institute.

The three cakes, baked by a famous Latvian cake baker, Liene Zemīte, who has inherited the century-old cake recipe from her grandmother, will start their journey to Lithuania, Estonia and Finland at dawn on August 23. The cake journey will lead along the historic Baltic Way route by various means of transport – bicycles, vintage cars, motorcycles, tractors, SUP boards – to be passed from hand to hand until they reach their final destinations, Lilli-Unguri on the Estonian-Latvian border, the town of Biržai in Lithuania, and Helsinki in Finland.

The journey will be filmed to create a video greeting to Lithuania, Estonia and Finland on their centenaries. The director of the video is Lauris Ābele (Tritone Studio), production management by DDB Worldwide Latvia.