In 2018, around 3.5 million have been watching the live videos streamed on Latvian Fund for Nature webcams installed at birds’ nests, with the total viewing time of these broadcasts exceeding 730,000 hours, reports.

In addition to the bird cams that had been streaming live from nests in previous years, two more cameras were placed this year to lesser spotted eagle nests and one to the nest of a white-tailed eagle.

The past summer has been full of challenges to a pair of black storks as they raised their four young, as well as to both pairs of white-tailed eagles which suffered from excessive heat and food shortages and lost some chicks in the process. A thunderstorm interrupted the video stream from an osprey nest, while the nests of an eagle-owl, the lesser spotted eagles and a goshawk only saw some visits from birds but none of them chose to nest there.

The nest of white-tailed eagle in Durbe, southwestern Latvia, emerged as the most popular bird nest this year as the video streamed from this nest was viewed 1.8 million times. Video streams from the black stork nest in Sigulda, central Latvia, and the white-tailed eagle nest in northwestern Latvia were the next most viewed broadcasts.

This year, the live videos streamed by bird cams in Latvia were watched by people in Latvia, Poland, Russia, Germany, Finland, Sweden, the United States, the Czech Republic and other countries.