Compared with 2013, livestock production increased in all main sectors, particularly in production of beef and poultry meat, as well as in milk production.

At the end of 2014, agricultural holdings were breeding 422,000 cattle, which is 15,500 or 3.8 percent more than a year before. The number of cattle under one year and over two years of age grew by 9,100 or 8.3 percent and by 6,900 or 3.1 percent, respectively. The number of dairy cows increased by 9,000 or 0.5 percent, and the number of suckling cows - by 5,000 or 17.3 percent. Last year, the number of sheep also grew by 7,700 or 9.1 percent.

84,300 tons of meat were produced in 2014, which is 4.9 percent more than in 2013. It was affected by the growth in the production of beef - of 5.8 percent, of pork - of 3.1 percent, of poultry meat - of 7 percent, and of mutton - of 0.1 percent. The share of beef in the total volume of produced meat accounted for 21 percent, share of pork - 44 percent, share of poultry - 34.1 percent.

Photo: Valts Kleins
Latvian Institute, 31.03.2015, Animals, Nature