This year marks the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Līgatne Nature Trails. The Nature Trails are being purposefully developed already since 1975 in a natural area characterised by woodland ravines in order to provide the animals with a spacious territory similar to their natural habitats, as well as to introduce visitors to Latvia’s common wild animal species.

Besides celebrating their birthday, in 2015 the trails have been reconstructed, with new paths and observation fields added to the trail. "We have fixed and opened a watchtower that again rejoices and admits visitors. The animals have also done their part this year - this is the first year when wild boar have piglets. Foxes' families have grown as well. There are three cubs that can be seen, especially on warm and sunny days," said Inga Lange, the head of the Līgatne Nature Trails.

Līgatne Nature Trails were established in 1975 in order to introduce visitors with nature, mammal and plant species characteristic of Latvia, as well as with nature diversity and protection. Līgatne Nature Trails are located in the territory of Gauja National Park, in Līgatne region.

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Photo: Aleksandrs Kendenkovs
Latvian Institute, 05.10.2015, Nature, Celebration