The Cabinet of Ministers on April 9 agreed on guarantees regarding Latvia's participation in the organization of the 2026 Winter Olympic together with Sweden, reports.

The government supported sending a letter to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) guaranteeing the support of the Latvian government for the joint bid, which would foresee the Olympic luge, skeleton and bobsleigh events to take place at the Sigulda track.

In the letter, the Latvian government points out that it expects a fair and mutually beneficial allocation of financing from the IOC and other sources so that both Sweden and Latvia could successfully organize the Olympic events.

If the IOC gives the green light for the Stockholm/Sigulda build, work will commence on the re-construction of the Sigulda track, as well as other necessary infrastructure.

The OIC will make its decision on the hosting rights of the 2026 Olympics during its annual session at the end of June.

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