Rolands Kalniņš' 1967 classic film Četri balti krekli (Four White Shirts) will be showcased at the Cannes Festival this year in the Cannes Classics program, reports. 

The Latvian auteur's film, which was initially suppressed by Soviet censorship, will appear at the festival alongside classics by Hitchcock, Kubrick, and Bergman.

"Rolands Kalniņš' Four White Shirts is a work which was unacceptable to Soviet censorship because of its innovation, irony and non-conformism. Film theoreticians are fascinated by this film's spirit likeness to the avant-garde tendencies of the 1960s, to the French New Wave which resonated behind the Iron Curtain, in Eastern Europe.

"In a way, the fact that Rolands Kalniņš' film is included in the classics program of the world's most important cinema festival testifies to the worldwide acceptance of Latvia's New Wave," said Dita Rietuma, film critic and the head of Latvia's National Film Center.

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