With all the votes accounted for in Latvia's 13th Saeima elections, a clear picture of how the nation voted has emerged. The winner at the polls was the Harmony party on 19%, followed by a cluster of five other parties on 10%-14% with New Unity the only other party to scrape past the 5% threshold required to win seats in Saeima, eng.lsm.lv reports.

So it now seems certain seven parties will be represented in the 13th Saeima as opposed to 6 in the 12th Saeima.

The largest bloc will belong to the Harmony party, who will hold 23 seats, followed by the New Conservative Party with 16 seats, KPV LV with 16 seats, the National Alliance with 13 seats, For Development/For! with 13 seats, the Greens and Farmers Union with 11 seats and New Unity with 8 seats.

With 100 seats in total, any coalition model would need to control 51 seats to assure a simple majority in parliament. Minority governments are possible but tend to have difficulty passing legislation through Saeima.

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