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Baltic and German foreign ministers meet in Tallinn

The foreign ministers of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Germany met in Tallinn on 20 July as part of regular “3+1” gatherings. They discussed a wide range of issues, including the EU and NATO agendas, relations with Russia and China and dialogue with Turkey.

Fifteen parties to contest Riga City Council polls

Fifteen candidate lists have been submitted in advance of the upcoming extraordinary elections for the Riga City Council, according to the Central Election Commission. Voting will take place on 29 August.

European University of Technology RTU

RTU joins consortium to create a pan-European university

Riga University of Technology has joined seven other tertiary institutions from across the EU in advocating the establishment of a European University of Technology. The combined institution would offer uniform diplomas and requirements, making it highly competitive in the international education marketplace.

Latvian house builder enters Scandinavian market

“Smart eco tiny,” a Latvian maker of miniature houses established just a year ago, is shipping its first units north as interest in its products grows in Scandinavia. Established just a year ago, the firm’s dwellings weigh a maximum of 3.5 tons and can be purchased ready to go or as kits to be assembled on site.

kokle Latvian musical instrument

Latvian kokle goes pop

The kokle, an ancient Latvian musical instrument akin to a harp, is usually strummed to produce beautiful folk melodies. But here, talented young kokle player Anete Germane plays “Some Say” by Swedish pop star Nea.

Edgars Ameriks Latvian peat art

For peat’s sake – earthy Latvian masterpieces

Peat is usually used as a fertiliser or combusted for heating. But Latvian artist Edgars Ameriks has other uses for the stuff, creating unusual sculptures from the natural material.

23.07.2020, EU, Latvian Talents, Economy